Friday, November 25, 2011

Mix 'n' Match

Melbournites tend to wear a lot of black during Winter. Me on the other hand... I like to inject some colour into a gloomy winter day. Sometimes just throwing something on and seeing the mix of patterns and colours makes me happy. I wore this out to lunch in the city a couple of months back.

Even though I like hats I don't tend to wear them much. I bought the black felt hat that day and thought it would be perfect to wear in a snowy New York when I'm there in January :) What do you think?

Ps. Sorry about the picture quality, these were taken randomly with my iPhone
 Dress: Mink Pink
Sweater: Quirky circus
Blazer: Veronika Maine
Necklace: Gift
Hat: Jendi

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet Mr. Nikon

Finally crossed something off my wishlist! My new DSLR arrived the other week and I couldn't be happier. So excited to use it for my USA trip at the end of January and some more outfit posts :)